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Frequently Asked Questions

Sundays only, each game is 20 overs each innings, so they take about 2.5 hours.
Games are typically played at 9am, 11:30am and 2pm.
The season commences on Sunday April 28th and runs through until late June
Individual registration costs $85 (Early bird $75). You also have the option to register a whole side (unlimited players) for $650 (Early bird $625).
Once registered, our admin team will assign players to a side, grade and location based on the information you provide as part of the registration process.
Teams/grades will not be allocated or announced until Mid-April once registrations are completed.
No there is no training, so winter cricket doesn’t affect your normal winter sport training commitments.
If a team elects to train that is up the the manager/parents
To be eligible to play in a particular Grade, a player must be under the age as set out below for each age group:
* Under 16 Grade less than 16 years as at midnight 31st August 2018
* Under 14 Grade less than 14 years as at midnight 31st August 2018
* Under 12 Grade less than 12 years as at midnight 31st August 2018
*Under 10 Grade less than 10 years as at midnight 31st August 2018
Yes, where possible, teams will be in 2 divisions. 1st Division for example in u/14 would be for rep players and second year
u/14, 2nd Division would be for 1st year u/14, no rep players and players with no cricket experience where possible.
9 players per team take the field, but it is best to have 10 or 11 to allow for players not being available for some games.
Please email sjwca@sydneyjuniorwintercricket.org.au
U10s, U12s, U14s and U16s.
Age groups work off the same dates as the Summer season just completed (2018/2019).
Players may elect to play up an age group if preferred
Absolutely. We have social teams designed to introduce new players to cricket and develop new skills.
You will need your personal equipment: bat, pads, gloves and helmet.
There may be the opportunity to borrow gear but you will need to check with your nominated team manager (not the SJWCA!)
Stumps, balls, cones, counters and scorebooks are supplied by the Association to each team. These are all included in the player’s fee.
You can wear your normal cricket whites or club t-shirt and white pants. If you are in a team that wants to develop its own playing attire/uniform the design, colour etc that is fine also.
In 2018 matches were played:
– Central Coast
– Northern Beaches
– North Sydney
– Moore Park
– Inner West
– Western Sydney
– South West Sydney
– Hills District
– Parramatta
– Penrith

Further Information About SJWCA

Our Mission
To provide prospective and current junior cricketers the opportunity to play cricket during the winter months in a fun, safe and enjoyable atmosphere that fosters participation in cricket, the development of cricketing skills, and the building of life long friendships and personal skills.
Our Mission
To administer and manage a highly professional, accountable and reputable junior winter cricket competition across the Sydney Metropolitan area, that becomes entrenched into the culture of junior sport in particular junior cricket in NSW.
Our History
The Sydney Junior Winter Cricket Association Inc. evolved from a social competition organised by Association founder, Sam Almaliki and friends in 2004 in the St. George region of Sydney. After initial success socially, in 2005, Sydney’s first and only junior winter cricket competition came about under the name the All Stars Winter Cricket Association Inc. Over the next three years the Association would achieve great success and expansion into areas beyond the St. George district; growing from 90 players in 2005 to near 500 in 2008, building a strong culture of a fair go for all and that all cricket is played in the right spirit. Over this period, it also secured the support of high profile sponsors including KFC and Kingsgrove Sports Centre.
At the 2008 AGM, in recognition of the Association’s growing popularity, a proposal put by association President, Sam Almaliki, to expand the association across the greater Sydney metropolitan area was endorsed. This also brought about a change of name, to Sydney Junior Winter Cricket Association Inc. and the establishment of geographic zones, Western and Central Zone. With its reach into many parts of Sydney, in 2009 nearly 600 players took part and enjoyed a very successful and exciting competition, of which at its completion, the Association celebrated its 5th Anniversary.
In 2009 the Association was also recognised by, and affiliated with, the NSW Districts Cricket Association Inc. Last year, the Association built on its past success, taking the competition to Western Sydney and into areas such as Penrith and Blacktown and obtaining clubhouse headquarters at Schell Park, Liverpool. The Association also continued its growth in player numbers with over 900 cricketers playing last year.
In 2018 the SJWCA had 1,100 players from all parts of
In 2019, the Association is anticipating to continue building on its fine record of achievement by overseeing another successful winter cricket season across all areas of Sydney.