The Sydney Junior Winter Cricket Association Inc. evolved from a social competition organised by Association founder, Sam Almaliki and friends in 2004 in the St. George region of Sydney. After initial success socially, in 2005, Sydney's first and only junior winter cricket competition came about under the name the All Stars Winter Cricket Association Inc. Over the next three years the Association would achieve great success and expansion into areas beyond the St. George district – growing from 90 players in 2005 to near 500 in 2008 – building a strong culture of a fair go for all and, that all cricket is played in the right spirit. Over this period, we also secured the fantastic support of high-profile sponsors including KFC and Kingsgrove Sports Centre.

There are now nearly 1000

players,  and the patrons are

Australian Test Captain,

Michael Clark and Australian

Women’s Test player,

Lisa Sthalekar!


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it has been a dream knock -thank you and farewell

After 10 years of leading a cricketing revolution in the form of a junior cricket competition during the winter months with a customer focused philosophy it’s time to pass the baton on. It’s been a privilege and an honour to have taken this competition from humble beginnings to a model sporting organisation in its professionalism and cutting edge innovation on all fronts. Sydney Junior Winter Cricket is in a strong position to achieve even bigger and better things under a new leadership. In stepping down as President there is a no more important undertaking than to say thanks to the many who have generously offered their assistance and support.

I extend notable thanks to the following:

Mr Brian Booth, Foundation Patron, for his wise counsel and mentorship over the years;

Mr David Clifton, Secretary 2005-2009 and committee member 2012 to 2013 (and family) for his second to none contribution to the development and growth of winter cricket;

Ms Christine Butters, Secretary 2010-2013 (and family) for her first class service to the Association in her capacity as Secretary over the last 4 years;

Mr Harry Solomons and Kingsgrove Sports Centre for their endorsement beyond financial support;

Mr Brian Freedman and the Bankstown District Cricket Club for their counsel and enduring backing of the Association;

The many local Councils and schools who have made their grounds available and in turn brought this concept to live for thousands of junior cricketers;

The junior cricket Associations across Sydney who have opened their doors to us to promote winter cricket to their players;

All those who have served on the SJWCA Inc. committee with passion and excellence;  

Our sponsors over the years - especially KFC (QSR Pty Ltd) - for their financial assistance;

The families and players who have been involved with this Association over the last decade; and

Our Patrons - both past and present - in particular the current Australian Captain Michael Clarke

Together over the last 10 years we have achieved great things including:

  1. 1.The formation and continued delivery of the only junior outdoor winter cricket competition in NSW;

  2. 2.On-going player and geographic expansion with nearly 1000 players across four zones that cover the Sydney metropolitan area in its entirety;

  3. 3.A strong culture of a fair-go for all, and, play in the right spirit, that has inspired others to also take the lead; and

  4. 4.A customer-focused approach to the delivery of junior cricket that informs formatting and scheduling.

Lastly, on a personal note winter cricket has given me so much. It has been a foundation for wisdom and experience in the way of administration and leadership. Significantly, it has instigated lifelong friendships with the many who endlessly gave their time to serve the Association. But above all it has provided many memorable moments. It is sentiments of appreciation that I will forever cherish-knowing that we have made a difference. For all this I can’t thank Sydney Junior Winter Cricket enough. Forever I will follow the on-going development and evolution of this association with great interest. My sincere best wishes to the in-coming administration. The foundations are strong for continued success. Trust they will be built on with the same values that have paved the path for all the success thus far.

Until next time, it has been a pleasure serving our game with you.

Sincere thanks,

Sam Almaliki

Sydney Junior Winter Cricket Association Inc. Founder, President and Life Member

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