Sydney Junior Winter Cricket Association

Objects of the Association

The Association is established solely for the Objects. The Objects of the Association are to:

  1. Participate as a member of SSO so Junior Winter Cricket can be conducted, encouraged, promoted, advanced and administered in the region and New South Wales.
  2. Conduct, encourage, promote, advance and administer Junior Winter Cricket throughout the Region
  3. Ensure the maintenance and enhancement of the Association, the SSO, the NSO, the Members and Winter Cricket, along with its standards, quality and reputation for the benefit of the Members and Junior Winter Cricket.
  4. At all times promote mutual trust and confidence between the Association, the SSO, the NSO and the Members in pursuit of these Objects.
  5. At all times act on behalf of, and in the interest of, the Members and Junior Winter Cricket in the Region.
  6. Promote the economic and community service success, strength and stability of the Association, the Members and Winter Cricket in the Region.
  7. Affiliate and otherwise liaise with the SSO and adopt its rule and policy framework to further these Objects and Junior Winter Cricket.
  8. Use and protect the Intellectual Property.
  9. Apply the property and capacity of the Association towards the fulfilment and achievement of these Objects.
  10. Strive for government, commercial and public recognition of the Association as the controlling body for Junior Winter Cricket in the Region.
  11. Abide by, promulgate, enforce and secure uniformity in the application of the rules of Junior Winter Cricket as may be determined from time to time by NSO or IF and as may be necessary for the management and control ofJunior Winter Cricket and related activities in the Region.
  12. Advance the operations and activities of the Association throughout the Region.
  13. Further develop Junior Winter Cricket into an organised institution and with these Objects in view, to foster, regulate, organise and manage examinations, competitions, displays and other activities and to issue badges, medallions and certificates and award trophies to successful Members.
  14. Review and/or determine any matters relating to Junior Winter Cricket which may arise, or be referred to it, by any Member.
  15. Recognise any penalty imposed by any Member
  16. Act as arbiter (as required) on all matters pertaining to the conduct of Junior Winter Cricket in the Region, including disciplinary matters.
  17. Pursue such commercial arrangements, including sponsorship and marketing opportunities as are appropriate to further the interests of Junior Winter Cricket in the Region.
  18. Have regard to the public interest in its operations.d by NSO or the SSO, including (as relevant and applicable) member protection, anti-doping, health and safety, junior sport, infectious diseases and such other matters as may ariseas issues to be addressed in Junior Winter Cricket.
  19. Represent the interests of its Members and of Junior Winter Cricket generally in any appropriate forum in the Region.
  20. Have regard to the public interest in itsoperations.
  21. Do all that is reasonably necessary to enable these Objects to be achieved and enable Members to receive the benefits which these Objects are intended to achieve.
  22. Promote the health and safety of Members and all other participants in Junior Winter Cricket in the Region.
  23. Seek and obtain improved facilities for the enjoyment of Junior Winter Cricket in the Region.
  24. Undertake and or do all such things or activities which are necessary, incidental or conducive to the advancement of these Objects.

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